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Wildlife recordist Chris Watson and sound artist Prof Tony Myatt conclude their three-part odyssey to the west coast of Mexico to record the songs of blue whales in the Sea of Cortez. In the port of Loreto, Chris and Tony visit a local organisation set up to protect local wildlife, and Chris talks to whale communication expert Dr Valeria Vergara. They also turn to spectral analysis to see if they managed to record blue whales in action

In the final episode of this three-part series, the pioneering nature sound recordist Chris Watson concludes his journey to learn more about the songs of blue whales in Mexico.

Chris is joined by the spatial audio sound artist, engineer and academic Tony Myatt, with whom he is collaborating on a special sound installation for Oceans 21, a project about the fascination with, and the endangerment of, the oceans.

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1. Podcasts from Michael_Novakhov (17 sites)

1. Brooklyn Radio and Video from Michael_Novakhov (12 sites)